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About Us

About Us


In 1984, Frank Ditto Painting Co. was formed with the intentions of working 4-5 employees , keeping a low profile and raising a young family. John Wimpee's interior design company was the first steady customer, then came Grinder Bros., Smith Doyle Contractors and at the end of the first year 15-18 employees were necessary to carry the demand.

"We were painting upper-end residences, churches, schools, and as I like to say anything that would stand still long enough."

After three years, and for the very first time, Ditto Coatings, Inc. topped one million dollars in volume. Considering that this was all done with very little office overhead and a part-time bookkeeper, this was considered to be a wonderful milestone.

In 2000 Andrew, the only son, graduated from college and came on board. Under his leadership, Frank Ditto Painting Co. continued to be a sound business with high moral standards and well known in the construction industry. In the year 2015, due to the volume of work, Frank Ditto Painting Co. incorporated and changed its name to Ditto Coatings, Inc.